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An angel tower is located in al-Haya neighborhood, angelic residential area.

BRT lines are also available to serve the people.

Also, Tehran Metro Line 1 passes through Shariati Street and residents of Al-Haya area can have good access.

In terms of access, Al-Haya neighborhood has made good access to several freeways.

Important places
  • Doctor Hassabi Museum and Iranian Music Museum are in this area.
  • As well as the embassies of Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Malaysia, Egypt, garden Russian Embassy, the German Embassy garden and orchard with the Embassy of Turkey in this neighborhood.
  • District 1 Public Prosecutor’s Office, Social Security Organization, is located in al-Haya area.

Famous people


Ashrafollemuk Fakhr al-Dawlah


Professor Mahmoud Hesabi


Ahmad Amir Ahmadi


Ismail Mehrtash

  • Schools and Divine Schools:
    Elementary Male Female (Non-Governmental)
    Secondary Second Degree of Girly Culture (Non-Governmental)
    Shaheed Khansari (State)
  • Sports centers in Al-Haya area:
    Barbed Sports Complex
    Jam Plus Club
    Oxygen club
  • Health centers in Al-Haya neighborhood:
    Akhtar Hospital
    Al-Haya Veterinary Hospital
  • Mosques and Divine Religious Centers:
    Fereshteh Mosque
    Husseinieh Ghaymeh

The most luxurious shopping malls of the city’s restaurants and health centers are located around the project.

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