Green area
About 3900 square meters
Conference hall
About 400 square meters
About 500 square meters
Heli pad
About 300 square meters
About 110 square meters
Sport Club
About 155 square meters
About 1000 square meters
Green Roof
About 1550 Square meters
Recreation Area
About 135 square meters of billiard room + massage rooms
Office management



The height of the parking lots is 3.20 meters, the lobby height is 6.50 meters, the first 13 residential floors height is 4.0 meters, and the next residential floors height is 4.40 meters. The entire height of the building is 121 meters, 21 meters beneath, and 100 meters above the ground. The building has four stretcher lift of authentic foreign brands that hanged from bottom up to the top of the structure. Two of these are firefighting lifts, which will be the front line of the rescue service at the times of the fire. The building is also equipped, with a helicopter pad at the highest level. The building is also equipped, with the most advanced cleaning tools of type pantograph for washing glass surfaces and facades.

  • Salon floor finishing: Vietnam White Stone, Greek White Stone, Maya White Stone, Azna super, Crystal stone, Gray Limestone, Marshal Stone, Natanz black stone, Black beauty stone, Nehbandan Granite, Black river stone, Persian spider stone, latte creamy stone in combination with wood laminate
  • Bedroom floor finishing: fluffy foreign brands carpet and wood laminate
  • Wall finishing: Plaster in combination with wallpaper and paint
  •  Lavatory floor and wall finishing: The combination of the Negro, Marble, Kashan, Emperador, Emperador light and golden-brown stones and Italian figurative tiles.
  • Plumbing fixtures: foreign first class plumbing fixtures
  • Cupboards and Cabinets: The combination of the wood and MDF with foreign fixtures
  • Ceiling: Dropped ceiling according to the plan

Acoustic and thermal insulations

Although the parking mass concrete slabs and upper floors composite slabs are suitable insulators, one layer of Italian and Portuguese brands have been employed underneath the slab finishing, to efficiently minimize the excessive noise transfer, as well as the shock sounds.
Also, four-layer and three-layer Leka lightweight concrete blocks have been respectively employed, for efficiently insulating the peripheral and internal walls.

Building Management System (BMS)

  • Control of cooling, heating and ventilation facilities
  • Energy measurement and charging detachment
  • Wired and wireless networks of Intranet and Internet
  • Parking ventilation and CO2 gas density detection
  • Lighting control
  • Traffic control
  • Audio and video
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Water and gas leakage sensors
  • Irrigation system

Building Security System

  • Firefighting lift
  • Fire suppression system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Emergency and Safety power (battery)
  • Helipad (helicopters landing platform)
  • Closed circuit Camera and access control system



  • Uninterruptible power for elevators, communicators and apartments
  • CCTV for the ground, basements and enclosures
  • Optical fiber phone system
  • Smart system for lighting
  • Lighting and lighting
  • Providing lighting for parking lots with a battery in addition to urban electricity and generators
  • Mobile antenna boost system in parking lots
  • Equipped with an Fire suppression system, gas and fire detectors, and monitoring with the BMS system
  • Electricity distribution in the building using a reliable bus duct system instead of cable
  • Fire suppression system on different floors and shared spaces
  • Automatic fire suppression system at parking lots
  • Audio/Video facilities for Lobby, gym, and entertainment areas
  • Satellite Master Antenna Television system (SMATV)



  • Air conditioning system with the ability to independently control the temperature of each space separately
  • The ability to provide heat with an electric coil installed on both the bedrooms and the parlor fan coils)
  • Separate electric valve for each fan coil
  • Tap the tap water fan coil pipes each unit independently in the public hallway
  • Cold, hot, and fan coil water shut off valve for each separate unit in the general corridor
  • Providing water during the city power outage or even generator power outage
  • Elevators are one of the most trusted foreign brands
  •  Use of refined water wells for tank tanks for toilets
  • Hot water pool in the roof
  • Air conditioning for Community Hall
  • The smoke exhaust system and fresh air supply in parking lots, hallways, and elevators at the time of the fire
  • Fresh air supply with Air Handling Unit and special filters for units and hallways
  • Electric towel dryer on services
  • Provide positive pressure air for firefighters
  • Chillers and air cooled fan coil Italy.

Home Automation

The smart system selected in this tower is based on the IEEE802 (ZIGBEE) and ISO/IEC (14543-3) (KNX) standards and from the experiences of developed countries.

The advantages of the IEEE802 to the previous systems, can be cited as follows:

  • The lack of congestion and the complexity of the shared electrical panels
  • Lack of need for specific wiring and plumbing systems
  • Ease of use with switches
  • Redundancy and diversity of control equipment
  • Comfort in operation and ease in adjustments by the operator
  • The possibility of converting traditional switches to smart, without any damage
  • Condition monitoring and device controlling on mobile phones everywhere
  • The breakdown report of any device, on the mobile phone
  • The regular performance of the switches manually, even if the default smart operation system is flawed
  • Capability to easily define various scenarios by the operator



  • Design based on the range of sites and the latest achievements of engineering science, by the best masters and designers, design, shop and implemented. So that the country’s top structure is known.
  • Recovery and soil stabilization to a depth of 21 meters with Nailing and Encraction.
  • Foundation with a thickness of 2 m. Integrated (radia).
  • Round-back structures are enclosed in basements with retaining walls and shear walls.
  • Structures of basements, retaining walls and shear walls, and metal columns filled with high strength concrete and concrete slab roofs.
  • Structures of floors from ground to top The metal structure with columns filled with high strength concrete and composite roofs with concrete slab has been implemented.
  • Structures are covered with foreign grade branded fireproof materials.
  • About 6,000 metric tons of metal frame and 120 tons of bolts and nuts are consumed in the structure of this tower.
  • Separator walls (between the frames) from the block of leka with forced and valley posts of concrete and metal, as well as fittings with corresponding structural fittings to prevent cracks during operation and prevent possible fall of walls in heavy earthquakes or Severe storms have been working.

The most luxurious shopping malls of the city’s restaurants and health centers are located around the project.

Pre-sales units

Ownership of the project will be carried out solely through contracts for the assignment of the project type approved by the owners of the complex.

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